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    A Carbon Neutral Company


    Aspire Global is a carbon-neutral company that is determined to clean up the plant and promote sustainability.

    Having achieved carbon-neutral status and reached its Paris 2050 goals to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to limit the global temperature increase, Aspire Global exhibits a real sense of pride in taking steps to make sure the planet looks better in 30 years than it does now, not worse.

    The first step our organisation takes towards environmental sustainability is to assess the current state of play. Although we develop products for consumption across online and mobile devices that do not directly impact the environment, we must never lose sight of how we can be more sustainable in the way in which we work.

    The global pandemic has focused many minds towards the adverse impact our previous working lives have had on the wider world. With travel in person to business events and meetings brought to a standstill, there was a revolution in the way many industries conducted their affairs The day-to-day conducting of office life remotely does not seem to have coincided with a drop in productivity, either. Naturally, this ‘new normal’ working framework has proven beneficial to the environment, but we must maintain the momentum that has been gained in order to continue reducing carbon emissions.

    It is important that our industry tackles environmental issues on both a global and local level. Globally, that means addressing the environmental footprint and how corporations can work to reduce and offset the emission of harmful greenhouse gases – continuing to reduce travel. One particular element of concern that applies to tech companies is the energy consumption of server farms, where we are already seeing a new drive towards using renewable energy to power them.