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    An interview with Tsachi Maimon, CEO of Aspire Global was publish by 5 Star iGaming Magazine speaks about how Aspire Global is reinventing the iGaming Platform.

    Aspire Global is known as a leading provider of iGaming solutions for operators and white labels. What makes your white label solution unique?
    Our solution is unique because as a turnkey solutions provider we have completely transformed how the sector views the product. By focusing on innovation and our partners’ needs we have produced a solution that is demonstrably superior to what other providers supply in the industry. In effect we have reinvented the concept of the iGaming platform. We are able to combine speed to market, multiple verticals, different types of frontends and the best-performing CRM system in the sector. The winning ticket is of course our unique pricing model – pure revenue share so our partners are confident we work hard for them each and every day.

    Aspire Global was founded in 2005. What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them to achieve so much during that time?

    We realised very early that regulated markets are the future for iGaming suppliers and operators alike. This is why, when everyone was working  in grey/black markets and chasing fast revenues, we invested in preparing our software for more and more regulated markets. So very early on we were certified for the UK, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Portugal and Ireland. This means we have always been focused on the long term; and at times it was not easy, but we are now reaping the rewards and are very happy our strategy is bearing fruit.


    Can you briefly describe your experience in the online gaming industry?
    Before becoming CEO of Aspire Global I worked as head of casino for a B2C company that was part of the Playtech group. That is where I made my first steps in iGaming and learned all about operations and CRM methods.


    Tell us about Aspire Gobal’s plans for the coming months?
    We have some fantastic projects pencilled in for the coming months. On the B2B side we have been developing really strong sports betting and bingo products and will be launching more partners with those verticals. We are also exploring new opportunities outside Europe and are keen to to move forward with our partners in those regions. Our B2C business will of course benefit from all the B2B features we develop for our network partners. One of these that we are very excited to be launching is ‘Karamball’, our very own and completely unique customer engagement tool. We have been working on this  for some time and are very excited about the benefits it will bring to both our B2C players and B2B partners.


    Your financial updates show that you have substantial cash reserves. What are your plans when it comes to growth and M&A?
    Our plan is to support the growth of the company through M&A, potentially by acquiring an operator, but also strengthening our B2B offering by having our own technology across several verticals, rather than dealing with third party suppliers. We have big ambitions. We are a very successful company that wants to leverage its strong performance and take it to the next level.


    In what segment of iGaming do you see the most potential?
    One of the things that really excites us currently is that we have acquired so much expertise since launching in 2005 and have developed so many quality products and features that we haven’t fully utilised or monetised. Our proprietary games is one example of this: so we wil be producing more of them and plan to develop our game sales to partners outside of our platform network.


    How would you describe the current regulatory environment in Europe?
    I would say it is broadly positive for the industry. One of the key topics of discussion and something we focus on strongly at Aspire Global is: how to ensure all our products are compliant with the regulations in all the different jurisdictions we work in? I think it is a very important aspect of the iGaming sector and one that we are determined to get right. It’s also worth noting that the majority of the regulated markets have a great infrastructure and good cooperation with the industry. Regulators and stakeholders are open to suggestions and any adjustments are given the right amount of time to be factored in and implemented. We are also constantly training and improving how we deal with compliance as a company and I am really happy to see that there is now a regulatory guideline that runs across all Aspire Global departments, rather than it being of concern to just one or two people.


    Finally, how do you see the industry evolving in the near future?
    We can see that regulated markets, with the increased compliance requirements and costs they incur, will challenge smaller companies. They will either look to generate revenues from non-regulated markets in order to support their operations in regulated markets or will be forced to be acquired and consolidate. I also think regulated markets will make iGaming companies smarter, sharper and much more efficient because margins will be lower and scale will become even more important. On that last point our solution is ideally suited to mid-size operators in regulated markets, because we provide liquidity, regulatory cost synergies and economies of scale through our network, which enables them to tap into a live and growing audience from the outset.