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    How does Aspire Global embed ESG into its business and what is the importance of driving a sustainable business?

    Throughout our journey to becoming the leading iGaming supplier, our business decisions have been guided by social responsibility to ensure that we remain a sustainable business, which has become an increasingly important concern in our industry. Three key non-financial factors are used to measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company: Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG. Investors are increasingly applying these factors as part of their analysis to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

    Can you explain in more detail what you think about your social responsibility towards players and what actions have you taken to address the major challenges?

    Providing a safe user experience in terms of responsible gambling is the single most important responsibility. It is the source of long-term growth and aligns with the Company’s mission. The Company can significantly influence the players who consume products when visiting any of Aspire Global’s partner operators. I believe that the future lies with those companies that can generate long-term profit while promoting sustainable user behavior. Proactively interacting early enough and in the right way can help someone keep control of their gambling and the Company will retain them as a customer, instead of them choosing to opt for a self-exclusion or closing their account entirely. In the long term, this approach is more sustainable for our end users and our business. I believe that the future lies with those companies that can generate long-term profit while promoting sustainable user behavior.

    Besides responsible gambling and responsible marketing, governance is probably the most relevant ESG area for investors in the gaming sector. What are your commitments here?

    Under Governance we focus on factors related to decision-making, transparency and reporting, and information security. Providing a safe digital environment is alongside responsible gambling one of the most important aspects when it comes to the user experience. If end users don’t feel safe on our platform, they simply won’t return. Providing a safe digital environment is about ensuring the highest standard of system and data security as well as a reliable, fair and transparent gambling product free from betting-related corruption.

    Can you tell us what we will find in this report?

    We are proud to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability and share our ESG impact, activities and performance in this dedicated report. Sustainability is integrated in our business strategy through four focus areas that monitor progress and set out targets to achieve sustainable, long-term value creation: Environment, Safe User Experience, People and Safe Digital Environment. Our focus areas and progress are controlled by monitoring and evaluating existing commitments and setting new commitments towards our long-term sustainability goals.

    Carl Klingberg

    Chairman of the Board

    Aspire Global Member of Sustainability Committee