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Aspire Global is a leading iGaming supplier, offering partners a full-service solution including games to launch and operate casino, sports games and bingo. The company’s platform includes the first full turnkey solution to sports operators, let alone with around 73% of revenues coming from taxed, locally regulated or soon to become regulated markets.

The company is the ideal partner for casino, sports and bingo operators as well as land-based operators or experts in marketing such as, affiliates and media companies, with strong brand awareness and the ability to generate large amounts of online traffic. Partners bring the idea, brand and players, while Aspire Global delivers the technical platform, services and knowledge gained from more than a decade of operational experience. A proprietary iGaming platform manages every aspect from regulation and compliance to payment processing, risk management, CRM, support and player value optimization, allowing operators to focus entirely on marketing their brand and generating traffic. In addition to the B2B-offering, Aspire Global operates a B2C-business with several proprietary casino brands, led by Karamba, based on the same operational setup and technical platform. Moreover, Aspire Global distributes games, third-party and proprietary, to external partners, a business that will grow over the coming years, boosted by the acquisition of the leading game-aggregator and game studio Pariplay in 2019.



Platform fees are mainly constituted of Aspire Global’s share of net gaming revenues (NGR). In addition, revenues are generated from the sales of games. Costs revolve around technical development, licenses, customer service and marketing of B2C-brands. Being the license-holder in most partnerships, means that Aspire Global receives payment directly from players, as opposed to a royalty from partners, which is the case with most other B2B-companies. For this reason, the company’s EBITDA margin is not fully comparable to the EBITDA margin of other platform providing companies. Following the acquisition of Pariplay, the company has increased the activity in the game sector generating license-income from the aggregation of proprietary- and third-party games over the platform.




Aspire Global’s business model enables companies to launch an iGaming brand without investing the level of resources and funds required for a strong full service-platform solution. Partners thus are able to focus entirely on marketing of the iGaming offering, while Aspire Global manages all other aspects. New brands can easily be added to Aspire Global’s scalable platform, increasing cost benefits without substantially raising fixed costs.


Thanks to a unique pricing model that aligns interests and incentives, all parties benefit when partners achieve their full potential as operators, resulting in a high degree of partner loyalty and long-term relationships. This is primarily done by keeping the mark-up on third party services to a moderate level while increasing the revenue share element of the partnerships, which is believed to be competitive advantage over competitors who charge a higher mark-up.


The platform itself offers unique features that increase company hold and profit for all parties such as a large, exclusive selection of in-house games as well as data-driven (CRM) performance evaluation, ensuring efficient use of marketing investments. For instance, unprofitable campaigns can quickly be identified and ended, and under-performing games replaced. Moreover, Pariplay’s leading game-aggregator is integrated with Aspire Global’s platform, providing partners and external operators access to thousands of games, including proprietary titles, as well as a compelling suite of conversion and retention marketing tools from third parties.




The scalability of the platform and business model enables Aspire Global to achieve organic growth while maintaining marketing efforts and expenditure at a moderate level, especially in B2B. Additional partners and brands can easily be added to the platform without adding major overhead, although to some extent, legal and technical resources are required to adjust properly to local conditions and regulations, including certifications.


Aspire Global actively looks for acquisition opportunities and new projects that could broaden the offering for players, enhance the scale benefits of the platform or accelerate growth of the B2B segment, by controlling additional elements in the value chain. Aspire Global has great ambitions to grow through M&A and is well prepared for opportunities that may arise. The evaluation is thorough, helping the company to remain selective and identify realistic potential.