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Aspire Global is a B2B service provider for the online gaming market offering partners such as traditional operators, affiliates or media companies, a full-service solution to launch and operate casino, sports games and bingo. Partners bring the idea, brand and players, while Aspire Global delivers the technical platform, services and knowledge gained from more than ten years of operational experience. A proprietary iGaming platform manages every aspect from regulation and compliance to payment processing, risk management, CRM, support and player value optimization, allowing partners to focus entirely on marketing their brand and generating traffic.

In addition to the B2B-offering, Aspire Global operates a B2C-business with several proprietary casino brands, lead by Karamba, based on the same operational setup and technical platform.


Platform fees are mainly constituted of Aspire Global’s share of net gaming revenues (NGR). In addition, revenues are generated from the sales of games. Costs revolve around technical development, licenses, customer service and marketing of B2C-brands. Being the license-holder in most partnerships, means that Aspire Global receives payment directly from players, as opposed to a royalty from partners, which is the case with most other B2B-companies. For this reason, the company’s EBITDA margin is not fully comparable to the EBITDA margin of other platform providing companies.



Scalable Platform
Aspire Global’s business model enables acquisitions of players without investing the level of resources and funds required for effective marketing. New operators can easily be added to the scalable platform, increasing cost benefits and the number of partners, brands and players without substantially raising fixed costs. Migration of brands from competing platforms generate an immediate increase in revenues for Aspire Global.


Lucrative Partnership Model
Thanks to a unique pricing model that aligns interests and incentives, all parties benefit when partners reach their full potential as operators, resulting in a high degree of partner loyalty and long-term relationships. This is primarily done by keeping the mark-up on third party services to a minimum while increasing the revenue

share element of the partnerships, which is believed to be a competitive advantage over competitors who charge primarily based on a fixed fee and/or high mark-ups on third party services.


Exclusive Features
The platform offers unique features that increase profitability for all parties such as a large, exclusive selection of proprietary games as well as data-driven (CRM) performance evaluation, including a proprietary predictive CLTV-model for marketing optimization. For instance, unprofitable campaigns can quickly be identified and

ended and underperforming games replaced. Another great example is Robotip, an engine generating automatic bet recommendations through AI and years of data, enhancing player experience.



Aspire Global pursues strong growth, both organically and through acquisitions, with a consistent focus on improving the offering, strengthening partnerships and seizing attractive opportunities in regulated markets. Aspire Global considers the company to be fully financed to execute on its business plan while continuing to pursue an active acquisition strategy.


Stronger offering

– Remain at the forefront of the industry by continuously improving the offering in terms of quality and width.

Quality – Upgrading the platform and turnkey solution with new services and higher capacity to meet the highest standards of speed, availability, and reliability.

Width – Broadening the offering through new verticals and game titles to generate growth in two ways:

  1. Expand the target group for existing partners, enabling cross-promotion of brands.
  2. Expand the number of potential partners and collaborations.

Organic Growth

– Accelerate the number of new partners and brands without adding significant overhead.

The scalability of the platform and business model enables Aspire Global to achieve organic growth while maintaining marketing efforts and expenditure at a minimal level, especially in B2B.


– Broaden the offering, enhance the scale benefits of the platform or accelerate growth through M&A

Aspire Global actively looks for opportunities to continue growing through acquisitions, mainly of two types of targets: operators and game developers.


Geographic Expansion

– Strong focus on regulated markets with the majority of revenues coming from taxed or locally regulated or soon to become regulated markets.

Aspire Global seeks to partner with companies who have strong local presence but lack experience in online gaming, such as media and online marketing companies. Partnering with Aspire Global enables these companies to own and market online gaming sites in their domicile without a license or any operational or technical expertise. Instead they can concentrate entirely on generating traffic. As more countries adopt regulations, the target group of non-operators grows.