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    Malta’s Most Influential Women in iGaming


    Liesbeth Oost our Sustainability Manager was featured in the Magazine amongst eight of Malta’s most influential women in the iGaming sector.

    The industry keeps on attracting a wealth of female talent and such role models are truly an inspiration.

    See what she had to say below:

    Receiving the ‘Most Influential Women in iGaming’ Award, serves as a testimony for our drive to run a sustainable business and, in fact, it serves as a testimony for all the industry when it comes to greater awareness and importance of raising social responsible standards.

    I’m passionate to drive positive impact across the industry collectively. Collaboration is an important factor to address social responsibility topics in a more powerful way. Therefore, I’m focused on taking on a lead role in raising standards on sustainability focus areas for our industry, by giving workshops and participating in panels and creating that dialogue at conferences and working groups and initiate and support projects between companies, but also connecting people together.

    At the Aspire Global Group, I’m setting and adjusting the sustainability strategy and focus areas, compiling them in a roadmap and create transparency in annual sustainability reporting, on important topics like carbon footprint and handprint, safer gambling, diversity and inclusivity and information security. ESG is a tool for businesses to measure sustainability using environmental, social and governance factors. Therefore, setting goals, measuring everything we do, and use sustainability KPIs and metrics to report on progress is of key importance in my job. Also, I’m participating in research and working with academic institutions to improve analyses and adapt the strategy on the way we work to keep on addressing sustainability challenges in a more efficient way.

    Over the last decade, we have seen a significant shift in the iGaming industry in the way that businesses approach social responsibility and ESG items have made its way up the priority list. Businesses are increasingly aware they can be scrutinized by their ability to drive and shape policy changes that promote a positive environment and effectively address ESG challenges, and getting it wrong can have a huge impact, in terms of both profitability and reputation.


    I believe that making a quantifiable impact to protect society and planet is the right thing to do. Besides, there are multiple levels of competitive advantage that sustainable, responsible thinking gives a company. If you have sustainability in your DNA, your company is probably better equipped to comply with new regulations as they are introduced with the goal of reducing social harm. Chances are that the company that has embedded sustainability in its business strategy is better equipped technically, operationally and organizationally to meet these changing demands. The fact that a business has sustainability in its DNA and compliance at the heart of the business, leads to strong business performance.

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