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    Unique products, customizable design, world-class technology.

    Through BtoBet’s solution, Aspire Global’s Sports Betting vertical takes our partners to new heights through a truly unique product offering, unparalleled technologically advanced solutions and fully effective risk management strategies. Our BtoBet Sportsbook solution can, not only, seamlessly integrate with our leading iGaming platform, AspireCore, but it can be separately integrated with any 3rd party PAM of choice.

    Through highly flexible and adaptable technology, we ensure players engage in a fully player-centric gaming experience.

    We offer partners the ability to configure their sportsbook in accordance with the market, and set any preferred risk parameters across all sports, tournaments, events, and odds types.

    Our vision goes far beyond the day-to-day, we think long term and enable our partners to succeed in the future.

    To find out more about BtoBet’s world-class Sportsbook solutions, go to their website:


      Our sports betting platform’s strong offering is backed up by features that are unique in the industry and your players will be able to experience that with a superior frontend as well.

      Via our AspireTip and AspireBattle features, unique content is shown to each player, based on their behaviour and preferences.

      Each player is therefore presented with a personalized user interface and personalized statistics, which further adds to player satisfaction.


      The Aspire Global Sports Betting Platform allows you to adapt, create and design your content to your satisfaction or to follow various market trends. This freedom and flexibility enables you to create fully unique player experiences that are effectively managed through your day-to-day operations.

      Aspire Global’s Sports Betting Platform boasts remarkable speed partnered with smooth and seamless operations on all suitable devices, providing you with the optimal sports betting software for all your iGaming needs.

      We proudly offer a tailor-made betting experience with easy navigation and customization, unrivalled in the industry.


      AspireSort is a fully automated risk assessment and customer segmentation tool for sports betting sites.

      The AspireSort tool can be easily installed through an API and comes with daily checks of all bets and customers.

      The tool analyses bet history, data, and even compares odds data to market data all the while creating a unique risk score per player.


      AspireTip is a bet advice feature that provides players with automated sports betting tips to enhance gameplay and adds another engaging element to the sports betting experience. The AspireTip tool is an advanced football betting engine based on accumulated data from over 200,000 matches with different types of scenarios.

    • AspirePredictor is an automated process all the way from creation to completion. When it comes to bigger leagues and matches, we offer the automatic generation of engaging prediction quizzes. One of the unique selling points of the AspirePredictor is that the solution is fully customizable with the ability to fit your design and creative vision and it can be launched on multiple brands.

      AspireBattle is an innovative and impressive gamification widget that provides sports bettors with the ability to participate in tournaments, covering all major sports on the market. Players can create their own personal tournaments and invite friends to bet live and compete for the top place on the leaderboard.


      New Retail solutions allow for a streamlined and fully facilitated back-office operation for agents, resulting in a more customer-centric user experience for the players.

      • Benefits for players: the Betshop is interconnected with all other channels for an enhanced betting ecosystem.
      • Interconnection amongst all channels: bets placed in the Betshop via an agent are visible to registered users on any other channel.
      • Booked Betslip: allows players to place a bet in the Betshop by presenting the retail agent with the booking code or barcode of the booked betslip. This results in a more rapid and efficient bet placement process.
      • Better retail experience: reduced queuing time for the player in placing their betting slip results in enhanced enjoyment of the betting experience at a retail level.

      Registered players can benefit from bonuses and free bets. Players can top-up or withdraw from their accounts directly from the Betshop in a more secure way via SMS verification.