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    Aspire Global is growing fast, which requires active recruitment and retention of talent in competition with other companies. The company has a diverse and uniquely competent workforce, indicating that professional qualifications are not being compromised in favor of other factors such as cultural background, gender or physical disabilities. As for recruitment, Aspire Global has chosen a sustainable approach, where the unique selling point is a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy working environment that enables a work-life balance.

    At the end of 2020, Aspire Global had 456 employees

    Attract and Retain Employees

    Fast-growing organisation

    At the end of 2021, Aspire Global had 544 employees (an increase from 456 in 2020 and 312 in 2019) based in eight offices located in Malta, Israel, Ukraine, Bulgaria, India Gibraltar, North Macedonia and Italy. The Maltese office is the Group’s headquarters and has 138 employees mainly focused on management, operations, payments and risk, marketing and CRM, and product development, while most technology is based in Kiev, Ukraine, with 110 employees at year-end. The office in Tel Aviv, Israel, has 49 employees, focusing mainly on marketing support and frontend development services. In 2019, the game company Pariplay was acquired and integrated in the Group as a subsidiary. The team at Pariplay consists of 119 gaming experts, the majority of whom are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the main technology hub is located, in addition to the operations in Gibraltar, India, Israel and Malta. In 2020, Aspire Global expanded the B2B operations with the acquisition of the sportsbook provider BtoBet. The team at BtoBet consists of 136 employees, mainly based at the BtoBet headquarters in Skopje, North Macedonia, in addition to operations in Italy and Gibraltar. In specific areas, the Company uses external consultants, e.g., legal services, compliance and auditing. Third-party services related to the offering, such as payment solutions or affiliate services, are supplied by leading companies in each field. When it comes to office-related services, such as maintenance and supplies, the Company aims to hire local firms.


    (456 IN 2020) Total employees Aspire Global Group

    EMPLOYEESPER BRAND Pariplay 83 BtoBet 93 Aspire Global 280
    EMPLOYEESPER FUNCTION Acquisition, Sales& Marketing 51 Research &Development 203 Management &General 40 Operations162

    Total number of nationalities at Aspire Global Group

    Italy Bulgaria Gibraltar India Ukraine NorthMacedonia Italy Malta
    Offer attractive career opportunities

    Aspire Global offers attractive career opportunities in a sound working environment underpinned by diversity and gender equality, as well as a work-life balance. Providing exciting jobs with secure employment terms is essential to a sustainable business, and a key to continued growth. Aspire Global is growing fast, which requires active recruitment and retention of talent in competition with other companies in the iGaming sector. Rather than with wages alone, the company targets people with a sustainable focus on the company culture, working conditions and career opportunities, attracting people who value a modern, flexible, and stimulating working environment that enables a work-life balance.

    In the annual employee survey conducted in 2021, 90% of employees said they would recommend Aspire Global as an employer of choice, 87% of the employees love the atmosphere and working at Aspire Global. Aspire Global uses an HR management platform that helps the company to attract, stimulate and retain talent through data-driven HR tools. All employees of Aspire Global have access to the system. Furthermore, the HR team is connected to a global recruitment system that records and spreads information about open positions in the company.


    Of employees recommend Aspire Global as an Employer of Choice

    Offering a Sound Work Environment

    Aspire Global offers a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy working environment that enables a work-life balance. According to the 2021 employee survey, 87% of the employees find the working environment to be sound and healthy. The corporate culture is warm, friendly and open-minded, free from formality and pretention. It’s about working together and making things happen. People feel that they can overcome any obstacles and are able to freely express a dissenting opinion to their supervisor, knowing that the Company reacts swiftly and constructively to HR issues brought to its attention. In addition, there is a whistleblower function, enabling all employees to anonymously inform the CEO of worrying circumstances.

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    Training and Development

    Employees are offered ongoing training programs based on their personal needs and goals, including management training. Workshops are occasionally arranged on personal development themes, including business writing, multitasking and various soft skills. Aspire Global encourages employees to share their individual talents and skills through internal activities and events. Aspire Global also works with an organizational consultant to strengthen management skills through one-on-one sessions. The average hours of training per employee in the Aspire Global Group in 2021 was 14.

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    Aspire Global Group is convinced that diversity on the one hand drives innovation

    Diversity and Inclusivity


    Aspire Global Group is convinced that diversity on the one hand drives innovation, and on the other hand is an indicator of a well-functioning recruitment process where personal preferences, cultural background, gender or physical disabilities don’t stand in the way of professional judgment of the relevant qualifications. Against this backdrop, Aspire Global is proud to have employees from 43 nationalities, bringing together a variety of cultural backgrounds, perspectives and skills and reflecting the diversity of our players. In 2021, women accounted for 31% of the Company’s employees. The CEO and sustainability committee are taking measures to create change, aiming for a 40/60 distribution on every management level, including promotions. 2021 saw a slight negative change in gender balance, which is mostly due to Aspire Global’s focus on product development and technology roles.

    36%females 64%males

    162 Total Females

    294 Total Males

    Total Employees 456

    Research & Development
    37 Females
    165 Males
    Total of 202
    Acquisition, Sales & Marketing
    20 Females
    31 Males
    Total of 51
    Acquisition, Sales & Marketing
    20 Females
    31 Males
    Total of 51
    Management & General
    77 Females
    84 Males
    Total of 42

    Aspire Global is proud to support a work/life balance. Working conditions enable employees to combine a top career with an active and equal family life thanks to flexible solutions and attractive benefits. Parental leave is offered in accordance with the laws and standards of each country.

    Focus Areas
    2022 Commitment

    Focus on initiatives to increase diversity and gender balance in roles in product development and technology.

    Further integration of people sustainability incentives on Group level.

    Aspire Impact 

    Be a sustainable a diverse organisation that attracts and retains responsible employees through high values and fair benefits that promote long-term engagement in the company.

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