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Operating in the gaming industry is an ethical challenge. How do you maintain social responsibility while maximizing profits? At Aspire Global, we believe it is through a sustainable business model and a focus on long-term relationships with all our stakeholders, while minimizing social and environmental impact. Please see the Annual Report 2017 for further information on our ongoing sustainability work.

General principle
Aspire Global wants to sustainably develop its business in a manner that reflects the high moral and professional values we believe, in as well as our respect for customers, partners, employees, society and the environment. With that in mind, we are committed to proactively conducting business in a manner that is sustainable, fair, responsible to all parties concerned, constantly seeking to raise the bar for our sustainability work and setting an example to others.

Aspire Global’s CEO holds direct control of the Sustainability Policy, and is responsible for keeping it maintained and up to date in light of changing circumstances, regulations and both company and society’s needs. Formal responsibility for the policy lies with the Aspire Global Board of Directors, who must approve of any changes to it. This policy is binding on all corporate entities within the Aspire Global group of companies. Other group policies, guidelines, workflows and practices need to be compliant with this policy. The Aspire Global Compliance Officer shall be in charge of distribution of the policy to the relevant stakeholders of the company. Aspire Global has set up ongoing monitoring procedures aimed at ensuring that the company is compliant with the policy when it comes to operations and offering as well as external impact.

1. Operations – optimizing our workforce through diversity and gender equality
Aspire Global strives to provide its shareholders with sustainable, long-term value for their investments. To that effect, we evaluate, prioritize and allocate appropriate corporate resources, including human resources. Focusing solely on expertise, rather than gender, ethnic or cultural background or sexual preference, creates a diverse and uniquely competent work force. Aspire Global has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and sexual harassment and is proud to have an almost identical number of men and women working in the company.

2. Offering – guidelines, routines and tools for responsible gaming
Aspire Global is responsible for daily operations and partners are updated on the company’s general approach, tools and strategies, also when it comes to responsible gaming. Aspire Global promotes a healthy gaming behavior, aiming at proactively identify and approach players who are showing an unhealthy playing behavior and/or are unsatisfied with their gaming habits. The company is proactively offering support and tools for game-related problems and refer players to organizations specialized in dealing with gambling-related problems. An Officer of Responsible Gaming, Motti Gil (CFO), is appointed to ensure the guidelines and routines for responsible gaming are followed. When it comes to minors, the company’s general approach is that people under 18 should not be playing for money, which is why minors are prohibited to access the company’s services.

3. Impact – controlling our social and environmental footprint
Being an online business, Aspire Global has relatively limited impact on the natural environment. Nonetheless, we are committed to seek opportunities to lower the impact from our infrastructure and daily operations. For instance, by choosing video conference calls over business travel or by upgrading to energy saving servers. When it comes to our social footprint, we focus on regulated markets where we are able to contribute to a better and safer gaming environment by adhering to relevant rules and regulations as well as norms and standards for online gaming, locally and internationally. We also stay up to date on changes through close dialogue with authorities and experts, and by actively taking part in industry dialogues. In addition to this, we are active in a number of charities such as donation campaigns and local social projects, where employees are encouraged to participate.