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Offering a safe gaming experience as well as a healthy and attractive working environment are two key elements in maintaining a sustainable business that will provide investors with a long-term return-on-investment (ROI). Other important stakeholders are partners, suppliers and authorities. The company is committed to proactively conducting business in a manner that is sustainable, fair and responsible to all parties concerned, while minimizing any negative impact on society, locally as well as globally.


Operating in the gaming industry is an ethical challenge. How do you sustain growth while promoting moderate consumption? At Aspire Global, we believe it is through a sustainable business model and a focus on long-term relationships with all stakeholders, while minimizing social and environmental impacts.

Focusing on regulated markets means Aspire Global is obliged to comply with national laws, legal principles and industry standards set out by the authorities in each of the jurisdictions where the company has been granted a license to operate. Legal requirements constitute a minimum-level for the operations and in a wider perspective, Aspire Global wants the company’s footprint to reflect corporate values and respect for all parties concerned, directly or indirectly. With that in mind, the company constantly seeks to raise the bar for the sustainability work and set an example for others


The formal responsibility for sustainability lies with Aspire Global’s Board of Directors. In 2019, a special committee was established to coordinate various sustainability initiatives within the company and ensure that economic, environmental and social aspects are considered in any long-term growth initiatives, in terms of focus, resources and goals.

The sustainability committee reviews the relevant sustainability topics, their impacts, risks, and opportunities at least once a year at the beginning of a new reporting cycle, and discusses potential measures with the Board in order to adjust aspect of the operations including the report. The Sustainability Committee consists of Tsachi Maimon (CEO), Motti Gil (CFO and Head of Responsible Gaming), Carl Klingberg (Chairman of the Board) and Fredrik Burvall (Member of the Board). In 2019, the committee held four meetings, where the focus was on conducting a materiality analysis, selecting essential topics and establishing routines, responsibilities and targets, including a framework for the annual sustainability report.

Aspire Global’s CEO, together with the CFO, the Head of HR and Operations and an external advisor are responsible for integrating a sustainability perspective in all aspects of daily operations, as well as following up and reporting on the progress to the sustainability committee.


The 2019 sustainability report is Aspire Global’s first sustainability report prepared according to the GRI standards, the core option. The report is published once a year, integrated with the Group’s annual report. The information relates to the 2019 fiscal year, January-December, unless stated otherwise. The complete GRI index can be found on pages 66-69. The contact for questions regarding the report or its contents is the company CEO. The report contents have been defined using the GRI recommendations, starting with a materiality analysis based on key topics raised by relevant stakeholders; see stakeholder list and materiality analysis. The general structure more or less follows previous year’s sustainability report, although the work and contents have been expanded materially. This year’s report has been prepared together with an external GRI-certified advisor, and in the future the company intends to seek external assurance for the report.

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