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Sustainability policy

Aspire Global strives to achieve long-term sustainable development of our business, in a manner that reflects both the high moral and professional values we believe in, as well as our appreciation of our customers, society and the environment in general.
With that in mind, we are committed to proactively conducting our business in a manner that is fair, sustainable and responsible to all parties involved, seeking to constantly improve our sustainability work and continue contributing to developing the practice of corporate responsibility in the business world.


Diversity and Gender Equality

Aspire Global is proud to be an advocate of gender equality in its business. We see great value in having both men and women working in different positions in our company, and our workforce has an almost identical number of men and women working with us.
We continually monitor and handle possible differences in gender, ethnic or cultural background, and sexual preference.
Aspire Global holds a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, and acts firmly and swiftly to prevent all forms of sexual harassment.


Business Ethics

Aspire Global strives to provide its investors with sustainable, long-term value for their investments. To that effect, it will evaluate, prioritize and allocate appropriate corporate resources.


Responsible Gaming

We are committed to providing responsible gaming solutions to all who need them while using our services. To that effect, we are acting in compliance with all applicable local and international regulations and standards pertaining to online gaming.
We proactively offer our customers support if they encounter gaming related problems and are unsatisfied with their gaming habits. We refer to help organizations specialized in dealing with such problems, and publish on all our websites information to help customers identify such issues when they are still small.
All of our support staff are trained to identify responsible gaming issues when dealing with customers, as to be able to direct them to get help in case of a suspected problem.
Aspire Global is licensed in many jurisdictions, each of them setting high standard in the field of responsible gaming on Aspire Global as an operator, which we constantly strive to meet and exceed.
Aspire Global believes minors should not be playing for money, and prohibits access to its services to people under the age of 18. We apply identity verification methods aimed to ensure our policy and restrictions are not circumvented.


Officer Of Responsible Gaming:

Motti Gil – CFO


Being an online business, Aspire Global has relatively limited impact on the natural environment. Nonetheless, we are committed to seek opportunities to lower what little effect we may have.
We use out technological edge to minimize such impact, for example by using advanced technology for phone and video conference calls, minimizing the need to travel for business related reasons.


Scope and Oversight

Aspire Global’s CEO holds direct control of the Sustainability Policy, and he is responsible for keeping it maintained and up to date.Responsibility for the policy lies with the Aspire Global Board of Directors, who must approve of any changes to it.This policy is binding on all corporate entities within the Aspire Global group of companies.Other group policies, guidelines, workflows and practices need to be compliant with this policy.The Aspire Global Compliance Officer shall be in charge of distribution of the policy to the relevant stakeholders in Aspire Global.


Ongoing Monitoring

Aspire Global has set up ongoing monitoring procedures aimed at ensuring that our compliance with this policy remains up to date, in light of changing circumstances, regulations and both company and society’s needs.