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Operating in the gaming industry is an ethical challenge. How do you sustain growth while promoting moderate consumption? At Aspire Global, we believe it is through a sustainable business model and a focus on long-term relationships with all our stakeholders while minimizing social and environmental impact.

At Aspire Global, we want to conduct our business in a manner that is sustainable in the long-term. We wish to create a footprint that reflects our high moral, corporate values and respect for all parties concerned. With that in mind, we are constantly seeking to raise the bar for our work and to set an example to others.

Aspire Global has a policy for sustainability, the responsibility of which lies with Aspire Global’s Board of Directors, who must approve of any changes to it. This policy is binding on all corporate entities within the Aspire Global group. Other group policies, guidelines, workflows, and practices need to be compliant with this policy. Aspire Global’s CEO holds direct control of the policy and is responsible for keeping it maintained and up to date in light of changing circumstances, regulations and needs – internal as well as external.

The Regulation Manager together with the Compliance Manager report to the CEO on the progress within the area of compliance and regulation, while the Officer of Responsible Gaming monitors and reports on the progress within responsible gaming.

Aspire Global has seven main stakeholders: players, partners, suppliers, employees, investors, authorities and the local society. In order to structure the sustainability work, a number of areas have been identified in which our operations impact our stakeholders and we have the responsibility and ability to control our foot print. In each area, Aspire Global has set a vision or a general approach as well as the current challenges. As of 2019, our aim is to add additional quantitative measurements of sustainability to our annual report based on our current status and our future goals.


  1. 1. PLAYERS

Aspire Global wants to be a provider of an entertaining and safe gaming environment when it comes to issues of healthy consumption behavior, integrity, payment and prevention of fraud. The main challenge in this area is to be up to date with new technical challenges and opportunities as well as having the required support, resources and routines to continuously update the offering accordingly.

  1. 2. PARTNERS

Aspire Global’s partners are operators whose brand(s) is operating on Aspire Global’s platform. Aspire Global believes that long term relationships based on mutual interests, generates healthy, sustainable growth for all parties. The main challenge from a sustainability perspective, is to find a common ground when identifying market opportunities and the optimal level of efforts required to realize the full potential of these.


Aspire Global’s main suppliers are game developers and marketing companies. Other suppliers are providers of office-related services as well as legal or financial services. As with partners, Aspire Global believes that long term relationships based on mutual interests, generates healthy, sustainable growth for all parties involved.


Aspire Global offers exciting career opportunities in a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy working environment. For a fast-growing company such as ourselves, maintaining and retaining talent at the required pace is a constant challenge. Not only when it comes to recruitment, but also in terms of structure and routines for a sound HR-function.


Aspire Global aims at delivering long-term value for shareholders through a sustainable business model. One challenge in this area is to sustain strong growth while maintaining responsible operations, another is to get the shareholders onboard when it comes to trusting that this is the sustainable way forward – that a reasonable growth level is the optimal growth level long-term.


Aspire Global is focusing operations to regulated markets and aims at actively contribute to

reforming the gaming industry as a whole together with authorities and various stakeholders. The main challenge in this process is to interpret and adjust to the new market conditions.

  1. 7. SOCIETY

Aspire Global impacts the local society in which it operates as well as the global society when it comes to environment and the impact from the gaming industry as a whole.


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