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    Who’s Afraid of Migration? / Galit Shani Michel VP Product and Technology


    iGaming operators can sometimes feel dissatisfied with their platforms, but feel that moving to a new provider is either impossible in practical terms or prohibitively expensive.

    What are they so afraid of?

    Operators invest huge amounts of time and money in their brands and reputations and it’s understandable that the decision to switch to a new partner isn’t one to be taken lightly!

    The main fear is that migrating to a new platform will result in lost customers and reduced activity, due to players not consenting to the migration, not liking the change or not being able to find the features they’re used to. Operators are also wary of experiencing technical problems or extended downtime that could prevent customers from logging in, depositing or playing. They might also be unsure as to whether the new platform will perform better overall, preferring to deal with existing issues rather than ‘rolling the dice’ with a new supplier.

    Why is migration more simple than it might seem?

    A successful migration is a multi-faceted project. At ASG, we understand the importance of every aspect of the process.

    Collaborative Planning – The operator and the platform provider must work closely together to understand the most important aspects of the brand, its current challenges, and the main characteristics of the players. The operator must also be fully conversant with the new platform and with every step of the planned migration. Both parties bring unique knowledge and insights to the table and the process itself is an excellent way to build the foundations of a long-term partnership.

    Technological Excellence – The migration needs to be as smooth as possible for players. This means minimizing downtime, allowing players to log in with the same username and password, and preserving their account and bonus balances as well as their deposit limits. Every operator stores its data in a different structure or format, and it’s crucial that all information can be received, adapted and interpreted, especially critically important data related to responsible gaming, KYC and players’ historical activity.

    Operational Effectiveness – In the context of a full turnkey solution, platform infrastructure is clearly crucial, but without addressing the operational aspects of the business, a migration will not be successful. This means everything from handling the cashouts and bonuses that are in process on the day of the migration to preparing call center staff to deal with enquiries about the change through new protocols and FAQs. It’s vital to communicate the message that while the brand is the same, the platform has been upgraded. A proactive approach works best, inviting players to enjoy the improved product, with VIP players requiring special attention. It’s also vital to collect player feedback, both during after the launch, not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but to give members the feeling that they have a real stake in its success.

    CRM – It’s important to understand the CRM techniques players are used to and to decide on a new plan guaranteeing the smoothest possible transition for all customers.

    Regulation and Legal – As always, regulation is a key factor. It’s a must to understand all the regulatory requirements and legal implications of the migration, taking into consideration the protection of players’ personal information, getting their consent to the migration of their accounts, and securing the regulator’s approval.

    Payments – Gap analysis of the payments process is also very important. Players are accustomed to certain transaction methods and want either to find the same options at the new cashier or to receive advice about the best alternatives.

    Games – Ensuring a similar or superior range of games is an essential element too. Players often have clear favorites, while being willing to try other games with the same theme or style. Gap analysis of the selection of slots and Live Casino titles can, once again, be very useful.

    How do we know the migration was successful?

    It’s easy to establish whether the all-round customer experience has been improved. Heatmaps can demonstrate how an upgraded site enables simpler journeys, and players are often happy to offer feedback on the fresh look and feel, the improved range of games, the availability of support, the appropriateness of new offers and bonuses, ease of access and navigability, the presentation of terms and how easy it is to define limits and preferences.

    On the operator side, success is measured by maintaining pre-migration activity levels and ensuring maximum retention, establishing a solid basis for increasing revenues.

    To summarize…

    With the right platform partner, one with proven migration expertise and the ability to guide an operator through the entire process, migration can be both fast and straightforward.

    Close cooperation, detailed planning, knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology are all at the core of Aspire Global’s track record in successfully migrating top iGaming brands.